Decisions… Which arrow will you take?

Decisions… Which arrow will you take?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding 
                                                              ~ Proverbs 3:5-6

In this special thing called "LIFE" we have to make so many decisions and these decisions that we must make  start at a very early age. As a baby under the age of 1, you may have made the decision of choosing the bottle or the pacifier. As a child under the age of 5, you may have made the decision to choose whether or not you will allow your friend or sibling to play with your toys or NOT. Middle School age children will have have to decide which elective classes they want to take, high school students are constantly trying to make decisions on things like, which college they will choose to attend or which car they should buy. Decisions are always going to be apart of life.

As adults there are major decisions that we must make. I have had to make a few hard decisions myself, like the time the enemy tried to control my mind. Listen! If the enemy has control over your mind he controls your whole life. I had to make the DECISION to meditate and keep my mind on God. I wish I could tell you guys and gals that the enemy stopped right there at trying to take control my mind but, NOPE! In fact, he was just getting started, I was under ATTACK guys! The enemy had more tricks under his sleeve and was just waiting for me. I was under attack with my job, my God-son, my children, and my marriage. I had been pushed to the point of just giving up, I felt as if I had already been defeated. However, I had to make the DECISION to put my faith in God and let him lead and guide my every move. Now you know this was very hard for me you know, ME, the CONTROL FREAK! 

As a christian woman, who was pretty much born and raised in the church I should be able to tell you this was a piece of cake and was not hard at all.... NAH... just the opposite. The decision to let God take complete control over my life has been one of the hardest decisions ever. I felt like I was in a tube floating down the lazy river and the waves where pushing me in the direction I needed to go. But, before you get SCARED and CONFUSED...lol Just think about floating down the river and just relaxing in that tube looking up in the sky or just simply laying there enjoying the peacefulness that the moment brings. That has been my experience with this DECISION that I made. YES! It is hard at times, but the peacefulness that it brings just knowing that God is in control and is working everything out for my good makes it so worth it. 

Let me give you all a challenge today, whatever it is that's bothering you give it to God. I'm not talking about you telling him about it and still on the side trying to fix it... NOOOOO..... give it to him and let it go. I am a witness that what you thought you could do to that problem is nothing like what God is going to do with the problem you are facing. See, when he fixes it and puts his stamp on it, there is no lie, no enemy, or not even the devil in hell that can come against it. So, stop trying to figure it out and just give it to God so that he can truly work it out. AMEN!

What are somethings in life you wish to lay at the feet of JESUS? Please Share:))

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