For whom the Lord loves He corrects -Proverbs 3:12

God has a purpose for your life. YES!!! Believe it or not he truly does. Despite what you may think about yourself, and even how others may feel about you, know that you have been created for a purpose. So many times we find ourselves going through life trying create and make up our own agendas. There are so many roads that we can take in life and instead of letting God guide us we try to be our own compass. We often feel as if we have all the answers. We measure success by how much money we make (HELLO), how BIG our houses are (YASSSSS!) and how great our families look (notice I said look) and we are willing to endure any amount of stress and almost KILL ourselves trying to make all these things possible.

You see, we often think that we are in control... NEWS FLASH! We are not and never have been. God will allow us to live the way we want to live, and do what we want to do. He will give us time to try to find our PURPOSE... but when we need help doing so he steps in with his compass called "LOVE" and shows us the way. It's sad because in order for God to help us find our purpose in life, sometimes he will cause things to fall completely apart. He will break you down to build you back up again. 

Do you all remember "Humpty Dumpty" you know the one who sat on the wall and had a GREAT fall... that little nursery rhyme was always so fun to sing too, that is until it became my REAL LIFE!  I can truly say that this has been my life more than once. Sometimes, it takes everything to go wrong in order to find your way back to what's right. It's the way that God gets your attention, I guess you can call it tough love, because I will be honest with you it does hurt and there is nothing that's fun about it. In fact, it might be one of the worse feelings that one could experience. Hang, in there though because the end is always beautiful!

I consider myself to be lucky because God's purpose has chased me down so many times, everyday he is shaping and molding me into who he has called me to be. As I look back over my life, I can see that it was God's purpose that was chasing me down when I was 19 and pregnant. I thought I was lost but little did I know I was being found. I thought my world had fallen apart, but it was actually falling into place! (AMEN!) I did not know how I was going to raise my child but I had to believe that God would make a way. And right now today, had it not been for that baby that I thought about aborting I probably would not be where I am today, because every time I think about giving up I think about my kids. They give me a reason to keep fighting. God knew exactly what he was doing when he placed each of them in my womb. He knew that those boys would be my strength when I needed something to keep me going. 

I thank God for his purpose chasing me down! Mainly because it showed me what love looked like, but most importantly I learned about GRACE! I say to each of you, when times get hard and things start to fall apart just STOP and LISTEN for the voice of GOD! Let him find you right where you are. Allow him to chase you down. Always remember, He will never put more on you than you can bear and if he brought you to it, he will bring you through it. 

How has God's purpose chased you down in life? Please Share:))

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