Beautiful Broken Treasures (BBT) was created to meet individuals at their broken places of life due to separation and divorce. Unfortunate things like divorce or separation from a spouse or significant other can leave you in a very broken and depressed state of mind. The hurt and pain that this causes is often times to much to bear alone. I have a heart for helping others while showing love and compassion to each individuals struggle because just like many I too have come from this very broken place myself. The struggles of separation or divorce is never easy, but I am here to help and prove to individuals that God can take that brokenness and turn it into something beautiful. Not only will he turn your brokenness into something beautiful, but he will help you to be the Treasure that he has called you to be. You don't have to be bitter and the hate and anger that many feel is only temporary if you allow God to be the finisher of your situation. God's grace and mercy that he poured out for me is why I was able to create this organization.

I use to think that life was just being unfair to me and that I was just not worthy enough to have and enjoy a good life because of all the things I have gone through and have had to overcome, but through lots of prayers, praise, reading the word of God and having a treasured faith, I have learned that the battle was never mine. God choose me because he knew that I could handle it (even though is was tough) and in return use it to bless someone else, and so can you! 

Like I mentioned earlier, It was never easy, in fact this blog is my ministry as well as my passion but don't get me wrong, it's hard to open up your life to a world that takes pride in judgment and criticism. But, I am learning everyday that the joy that I have was NOT given to me by the world and the world CAN'T take it away. If you are looking for a quick fix to your problems this may not be the blog for you, but if you are willing to fight for what God wants you to have then continue to read and follow. No matter how hard life gets, you fight! Let me be very clear, it's a fact that if God brought you to a problem in your life he can surely bring you through it (if you are willing to let him)

I may not be able to reach everyone or solve everyone’s problem but I promise you all that I will do my very best to help as much and as many people as I can every step of the way. I understand that without God’s help nothing is possible, but with him all things are possible and therefore I will also give you spiritual guidance as well. 

I'm not here to judge or criticize, but I'm here to meet you right where you are and help you through that very thing that’s holding you back from the purpose God has planned for your life. My overall goal for each individual is that you not only survive during the Broken times of life, but that you learn to thrive so that you too can be a witness to someone who has no idea that they to can be a BEAUTIFUL BROKEN TREASURE! 

If you are in need of help please shoot me a email and I will be in touch with you. 

Remember, You are a Treasure so shine Bright!

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