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You know, I would LOVE to have a very interesting story about all my accomplishments and all the amazing degrees that I have earned throughout my life. My story is just the opposite. In fact, I can tell you about how I found myself pregnant and lost at the age of 19 yrs. old. Yes, I was a teen mom and I still have nightmares about the speeches and the evil stares that the older ladies in church gave me til' this day...lol  I can also tell you about how I dropped out of college, and let's not forget the big one..... I had both of my children before marriage! And the list goes on and on...

You see, the truth is, I have a story and it may not be beautiful... but it's my story and I embrace it! As I look back over my life I can also tell you about how God has brought me such a long way, or how he has made a way out of no way. No, I did not wait until I was married to have kids, but God has blessed me with two of the most amazing boys who are 14 and 8 years of age now and not once have they ever went without what they needed. Not because we had it all together but, because God supplied all of our needs. After their father and I got married (my best friend) the enemy continued to be busy but, I have learned in life that the POWER of PRAYER is more than any devil in hell can come against so I have used that power to keep my family together and will continue to use that power. It has not been easy but, through it all I have and will always lean and depend on God. He is moving in my life in a way like never before. Is it easy? NOPE! Will I survive? YES! And so will you!!!

As you read this blog, you will learn a lot about my story, my life and how it fell apart and was put back together, you will also learn that the power of prayer is your greatest weapon. I hope that you will allow me to minister to your heart, soul and mind. My prayer is that this blog will bless everyone who reads it, and change their lives in a way like never before. I'm declaring a "WINNING SEASON"  for all my readers!!!

Always remember, It does not matter how your story starts, but it matters how you give God permission to lead and guide you through your life, and how you allow him to help you finish. FINISH STRONG!

I am a Treasure and the world will never be able to dim my light! 

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